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FRB Flame Barrier

3M introduces a new flexible insulation, 3M FRB Barrier FRB Series, for OEM electrical flame barrier applications. It is a thin flexible insulation made primarily of inorganic materials that is easily converted. The FRB barrier provides the very high flammability and ignitability resistance, excellent arc and track resistance, good dielectric strength and good thermal performance to safely contain electrical hazards.

FRB is available as
- FRB-NT, the calendered version for increase dielectrical strength and fire resistance
- FRB-NC, the non-calendered version for lightwight construction


  • General purpose lighting luminaires (including LED type),
  • Electric and electric hybrid vehicles (e.g. between batteries, power converter, etc.),
  • Appliances (e.g. vacuum cleaner, slow cooker, rice cooker, etc.) and
  • Electrical devices (e.g. timers, actuators, switches, etc.).