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DMD 0,9 Insaturated

DMD 0,09mm is a special three-ply laminate of thin non-woven polyester fibre mat bonded to both sides of polyester film with the means of a high quality resin.

DMD 0,09 is a tough, tear resistant, thermally stable insulation design for applications in UL CLASS F 155°C. The backing of non-woven polyesters mats allow an excellent saturation with resins during the impregnation process used for electromechanical machinery. Due to the central polyester-ply DMD has a good memory shape and snapback making it the material of choice for motors and generators in CLASS F 155°C.

Technical Data

  Unit Value
Nominal Thickness mm 0,09 ± 0,01%
Area Weight g/m2 85 ± 12%
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage kV 5
Elongation MD % 15
Tensile Strength MD N/10mm 45

Technical Documents

  • Data Sheet DMD 0,09mm Insaturated 2007-12-04 ingel