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MICA Tapes & Sheets

Electrical insulation materials in mica can be made of three different raw materials.

Muscovite [KAL2-ALSiO3-O10-(OH)2] and Phlogopite [KMg3-ALSiO3-O10-(OH)2] are natural minerals used for high temperature electrical insulation materials. Their continuous working temperature is limited by the (OH)-group that decomposes at 650°C / 850°C. Alternatively it is possible to use synthetic Fluorophlogopite [KMg3-ALSiO3-O10-F2] where the (OH)-group does not exist and the decomposure starts at a level > 1100°C.

DICAMIT can provide Mica tapes on travers wound spools:
- Inner diameter: 76mm
- Outer diamter: 250mm
- Width: 200mm (included 5mm rim on each side)
- Approx net weight: 12kg
- Packing: 1 spools / carton box


DICAMIT can provide Mica tapes on reels:
- Inner diameter: 76mm
- Outer diamter: up to 400mm
- Min Width: 6mm
- Packing: carton box with net weight 25kg or 50kg

Data Sheets

  • Data Sheet Calcinated Mica Tapes
  • Data Sheet Phlogopite Tapes
  • Data Sheet Synthetic Mica Tapes