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TF (2,5mils) is a two-ply composite of TUFQUIN 2,5mils (0,06mm) mineral insulation paper bonded to one side of polyester film with the means of a high quality resin.

The TF composite combines the high mechanical and dielectrical strength of polyester film with the excellent thermal and dielectric characteristics of mineral papers.

Due to the polyester-ply the laminate has a good memory shape and snapback. TF laminates exhibit also excellent resistance to tear initiation and tear propagation in both the machine direction and across the machine direction. The good elongation characteristics let TF laminates absorb the stress of heavy duty winding applications.

Product features

  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Ease of insertion
  • Stiffness and snapback
  • Smooth, abrasion resistant surface supports automatic insertion operations
  • TufQUIN 110 bonds well to standard dipping varnishes and encapsulating resins