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DeAngeli Wrap Application

TUFQUIN is now officially approved by DeAngeli Prodotti for their paper wrapped copper and aluminium conductors.

Due to the increased organic content, TUFQUIN combines the high mechanical strength of organic fibres with the excellent thermal and dielectric characteristics of mineral papers. With increased tensile strength, TufQUIN is recommended for wrap applications with rectangular copper or aluminium conductors. The stiffness allows the use in automated production systems.

Typical applications of TUFQUIN:
- Welding transformers or for slot insulation in electrical motors.
- Wrap applications of rectangular copper and alluminium conductors

Technical Documentation


Stripwound coil with TufQUIN as interlayer insulation

Thie above MSDSis applicable for all products that contain the nomination TUFQUIN. Laminates on basis of PET and PI film and/or glass cloth are included.